About Us

Thirty X ThirtyNine was born from a group of friends that were always pushing each other to showcase a bigger, better, and bolder sense of fashion. Each constantly showcasing the latest in fashion accessories. It was only after years of consistent bickering over whose style was the best, they got together and began creating their own fashion jewelry, watches, and accessories. Their goal; push the envelope in all aspects of fashion and let everyone choose their path to personal expression.

The Thirty X ThirtyNine name was developed from the cross streets where members of the group first acquired office space to start the company, near San Francisco, California. "The City" of San Francisco has been the inspiration for a number of the styles and lines, hence many of the names of the individual products.

Thirty X ThirtyNine is dedicated to producing the highest quality fashion jewelry, accessories and designing styles on the cutting edge. The team at Thirty X ThirtyNine values customer satisfaction as the number one priority.